Data Analytics

Leverage objective data & achieve more from your shop floor

How does it work?

Pre-built Templates

Select pre-built templates for throughput, utilisation, production, output, quality & more from a range of template galleries


Customise analytics templates using a range of widgets & apply them to your entire shop floor, or specific departments, depending on your business needs


Share analytics with departments or the entire shop floor to identify improvements & drive the continuous improvement mindset


Pre-built Templates

Select pre-built templates for production, utilisation, quality, maintenance etc

Visualisation Widget

Select from a list of data visualisation widgets to present data relevant to you. Build entire shop floor analytics with a single button click

Share Analytics

Share engaging visual analytics with your team & shop floor to drive the improvement mindset


Export Data

Export data to your ERP, Financial System, or Analytics System using REST API or simply export them via *CSV or *Excel


Trend Analysis

Analyse shop floor performance trends using an advanced data analytics tool

Improve Shop Floor Culture

Bring your team up to speed with the shop floor digitisation journey to drive positive culture change


Identify Areas of Improvement

Empower your team with our easy-to-use visualisation tool to identify process, training or capacity issues

Create a Culture of Innovation

Instil an innovation mindset to drive behaviour changes & bring teams together

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