Industry 4.0

Leverage emerging technologies to gain real-time visibility

How does it work?

Machine Monitoring

Connect your machines using non-Intrusive IIoT Sensors

Edge Computing

Collect machine data & process it on-site using edge computing technology to only send utilisation & maintenance parameters to the Cloud

Emerging Technology

Leverage digital measurement tools to automate measurement processes & camera technology for job & tool tracking


Plug & Play Setup

All IIoT Devices come fully integrated & work out of the box

Collect Machine Data

Plug & Play IIoT sensor & edge computing devices to monitor machines

Curated Devices

Leverage curated devices from leading technology providers to achieve your business drivers



End-to-End Security

All IIoT devices leverage industry-standard encryption protocol for the highest data security


Trend Analysis

Analyse shop floor performance trends using an advanced data analytics tool

Improve Shop Floor Culture

Bring your team up to speed with the shop floor digitisation journey to drive positive culture change


Identify Areas of Improvement

Empower your team with our easy-to-use visualisation tool to identify process, training or capacity issues

Create a Culture of Innovation

Instil an innovation mindset to drive behaviour changes & bring teams together

ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified

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