Utilisation Improvement

Identify bottlenecks and improve utilisation
Utilisation Improvement For Shop Floor | Utilisation Improvement System | Define Downtime Event

How does it work?​

1. Monitor Your Machines

Connect machines using industry-standard protocol or non-intrusive IIoT based sensors & Andon lights to monitor uptime


2. Define Downtime Triggers

Downtime is recorded by a set of pre-defined conditions based on your KPI

3. Investigate Trends

Use easy to understand graphical dashboards to identify issues and make improvements

Features of Utilisation Improvement System For Shop Floor

Seamlessly connects any machine using industry-standard protocol or non-intrusive IIoT based sensors
Automatically records machine uptime
Ability to define downtime events which can be applied to a single or multiple machines
Real-time notification when a downtime condition is identified
Immediate response alerts via various mediums: Andon Lights, SMS, Email and APP
Visual representation of downtime history via configurable dashboards


Fast deployment and easy set-up, delivering real-time utilisation data with little or no risks
Configurable dashboards provide insights into what is driving utilisation bottlenecks and downtime events
Assists in identifying underlying shop floor challenges related to resources or processes
Trend analysis allows monitoring of goals and whether they are being met
Realise shop floor utilisation improvements
Improved throughput and customer services

Take the guesswork out of your machine utilisation & downtime using objective data.

ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified

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