Workflow Builder

Leverage real-time visibility to optimise shop floor processes

How does it work?

Workflow Library

Select pre-built templates for throughput, utilisation, production, output, quality & more from a range of template galleries


Customise analytics templates using a range of widgets & apply them to your entire shop floor, or specific departments, depending on your business needs


Share analytics with departments or the entire shop floor to identify improvements & drive the continuous improvement mindset


Create Custom Workflow
Create custom workflows & apply them to specific departments, machines, work centres, single processes or across the shop floor
Approval Workflows
Enable efficient & corrective measures to be implemented promptly by informing senior shop floor members

A wide range of notification options to trigger actions (SMS, Email, In-App, Audio, Video, & external system integration)


Automated Reporting

Gain insights & identify improvement opportunities based on the issues arising from your shop floor


Real-time Visibility​

Address issues as they arise & minimise the time taken to resolve them

Improve Shop Floor Culture

Identify bottlenecks & improve shop floor utilisation with process optimisation

Increase Collaboration​

Real-time visibility improves shop floor team communication to drive productivity

Increase Efficiency​

Real-time workflows optimise incident management & increase efficiency

ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified

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