Customer Portal

Smart Shop Floor web portal contains a dedicated customer portal

Invite Customers To Unique Portal

Smart Shop Floor web portal contains a dedicated customer portal that your business can invite key customers and their stakeholders to view, collaborate and gain live production insight of their jobs on your production floor. The customer portal includes chat, approval and upload functionality to provide any relevant documents or provide real time updates to customers giving them a premium customer service experience

Invite Customers To Unique Portal

Gives Customers Control

Gives Customers Control

The customer portal establishes a single point of communication, documents and progress for jobs reducing the time spent on phone calls chasing updates on statuses.

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All the work order related communication happens through the customer portal providing visibility and real time visibility for all stakeholders. Automatic and periodic approval for drawings and alerts are sent to customers.

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Benefits of Customer Portal

Differentiate your business from competitors by offering real time visibility and an enhanced customer experience


Reduce the number of client enquiries by allowing customers to check up on and track jobs without calling or interrupting the production team


Assist your estimator and sales team by offering customer portal as part of your service as a differentiator to win contracts


Centralise and keep record of all communication, forms, photos and all job related information in one place.


Leverage AI-enabled Scheduling and Operational Excellence to grow your business

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