Machine Shop

Machine shops operate in fast-paced, intricate environments with rapid turnover and tight margins. Maintaining high machine utilisation is crucial for profitability.

Machine Shop

Key Challenges In The Industry

Businesses in this industry often struggle to schedule ahead due to the high turnover and volume of work. This complexity presents a challenge as clear visibility of the production floor is nearly unattainable without a dedicated scheduler.

How we solve the challenges and can improve their processes

Designed and developed locally in Perth to offer a flexible scheduling solution that seamlessly integrates with your business, enhancing visibility from the production floor upwards.
Our process begins with a thorough understanding of your workshop’s unique processes and setup, allowing us to create an accurate scheduling model for precise forward planning and enhanced visibility. What sets Smart Shop Floor apart is our expertise in skills-based scheduling. This innovative approach enables businesses to prioritise tasks based on operators’ skill sets, ensuring that highly skilled personnel are allocated to jobs that demand their expertise.
Once tasks are scheduled according to priority and deadlines, you’ll have a clear overview of your upcoming workload for the day, three days, a week, or even a fortnight ahead.
Any missed operations are immediately highlighted in red on the schedule, impacting real-time estimations for job completion. With Smart Shop Floor, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve, efficiently managing your resources and optimising productivity.

Why Smart Shop Floor

Reports, status tracking, and scheduling are all presented in familiar language, streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency.



Focus on machine utilisation, by incorporating sensor-based IIoT solutions to capture real-time data on machine usage.
Maintenance planning that attaches to the production schedule to ensure maintenance occurs during periods of lower demand, to optimise workshop performance and consistent revenue generation.


Smart Shop Floor offers precise estimated completion times for all work orders, ensuring transparency and reliability in delivery schedules


Smart Shop Floor provides comprehensive visibility to sales, management, and customers alike, enabling transparency across all work orders.


Our customer portal serves as a unique selling point, offering instant value by granting customers access to live updates and tracking of their jobs.


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