Equipment Refurbishment

Typically businesses in the industry face both planned and unplanned maintenance of their assets and ensuring the functionality and quick turnaround of repairs is essential in having your fleet ready for customers. Maintaining a schedule of what repairs need to be done and keeping track of quality is an almost impossible challenge.

Equipment Refurbishment

Key Challenges In The Industry

Smart Shop Floor aims to take the stress out of scheduling and offers an asset maintenance scheduling system which upholds your quality standards.

How we solve the challenges and can improve their processes

Smart Shop Floor offers comprehensive coverage of asset maintenance and provides detailed scheduling of both planned and unplanned maintenance, repairs and overhauls. Smart Shop Floor is unique in the sense that on floor machine availability and operator rosters are key aspects of shop floor scheduling to provide an accurate measure of capacity.

Maintenance systems can be integrated with Smart Shop Floor to provide automated workflow creation when machines reach hourly or a usage target. Once triggered Smart Shop Floor will automatically create a maintenance order to be scheduled around the availability of operators capable of performing that work.
Smart Shop Floor also incorporates a skills matrix option for operators to prioritise and maintain efficiency in the workshop. The goal is to maximise the productivity of skilled labour and spread the workload appropriately. Giving this visibility provides significant value and helps reduce the noise and stress of working on the production floor.

Why Smart Shop Floor

Why Smart Shop Floor

Smart Shop Floor integrates with your business systems, functioning as a natural extension of your operations.


Smart Shop Floor has a focus on capturing and maximising operator efficiency through our Andon IIoT technology.



Data is collected and presented as a time and motion study, detailing operator days and collecting valuable data your business can use to streamline and ensure operators are effectively using their days.


Having asset based quality and maintenance records on a single platform provides significant value in digitising and recording information in a single point of reference.
Smart Shop Floor offers precise estimated completion times for all work orders, ensuring transparency and reliability in delivery schedules.


It identifies tasks that are at risk of missing their committed due dates and offers proactive suggestions, such as initiating a second shift or implementing overtime, to ensure assets are available on-time for your clients.


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