Make-to-Order Manufacturers

Manufacturing is a complex and often multilayered process that spans across all areas of business from drafting, engineering, production to packing and shipping. Smart Shop Floor aims to integrate existing business systems to provide a single platform for all necessary product management needs.

Make-to-Order Manufacturers

Key Challenges In The Industry

Businesses are often spread across multiple polarising systems which can be difficult to navigate and have a consistent flow of information. Smart Shop Floor centralises data so that all stakeholders involved in the product life cycle are informed and up to date with any progress or product updates.

How we solve the challenges and can improve their processes

Smart Shop Floor offers integration with all PLM systems including, Bill of Materials, Inventory, cutting and nesting softwares, CRM and drawing systems. We extract all relevant product resources to ensure that one platform can provide value and visualisation of all aspects throughout the manufacturing process. Our Bill of Materials offers assembly and subassembly tracking of parts.
Smart Shop Floor can seamlessly integrate with nesting and cutting software to keep record of nested/cut parts in the production manufacturing side of the business so that live tracking of jobs is always up to date and record of operators KPIs such as steel usage or qty cut/nested is recorded on a daily basis.
Operators instantly receive BoM lists related to their processes and can simply tick off items as they complete tasks, providing live updates to management and engineering teams.
Inventory can easily be integrated with Smart Shop Floor recording all available items and sending records of consumption back to your ERP or inventory management system to ensure live tracking of inventory records and job allocation of parts. Purchasing can receive notifications or alerts to action purchase orders for any inventory items running below a required maintenance threshold, further integrating your entire business in one single platform.

Why Smart Shop Floor


Smart Shop Floor look incorporates product lifecycle management providing visibility from engineering, drafting all the way through to packing and dispatch of the job.


Smart Shop Floor incorporates your business systems to bring bill of materials, inventory, drawings or quotes to help plan and provide an accurate scheduling solution.


Smart Shop Floor offers first in first out or just in time scheduling based on predecessors to accurately schedule jobs customised to your business via job templates and integrated systems.


View scheduled work for the day, week, month, or 3-month long term view to identify the business workload.


Smart Shop Floor offers an analytics module to visualise this information and give management an idea of production throughput and DIFOT for all jobs and customers.


Expected completion times are calculated for all jobs and updated real time depending on job progress or any disruptions to the production process.

Why Smart Shop Floor

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