Digital lean/Continuous Improvement

Smart Shop Floor offers a breakdown of operator utilisation monitoring by collecting utilisation and production losses through operator interactions with Andon lights and the operator interface. This information is collected to identify where operators might need assistance or to see if machine breakdowns or other inefficiencies are preventing your factory floor from being fully productive.


Smart Shop Floor continuous improvement module offers monitoring of utilisation for both machines and operators.

Collecting data and analysing trends is essential in identifying where your business can save percentages and boost productivity in the workplace.

If maximising machine utilisation is the goal of your business the Smart Shop Floor IIoT sensors provide analytics purely to maximise and understand the productivity of your factory floor.

Smart Shop Floor also has an extensive analytics platform allowing users to create unique dashboards to see the information relevant to their department or area.

There is also a predictive AI tool to help estimate current trajectory of throughput by using data points collected in your business.

Leverage real-time visibility of work orders progressing across the shop floor to increase productivity

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