Production Monitoring System

Improves throughput by highlighting productive vs non-productive events for shop floor supervisors and managers by capturing machines and operator utilisation for every job
Production Monitoring System | Production Monitoring Software | Production Monitoring Tools

How does it work?​

1. Start

Identify machines/work centres and allocate jobs sourced either from your ERP or imported from Excel or created directly using SmartShopFloor

2. Execute

Operators select a job, execute the operations, and mark as complete when all operations are done

3. Completion

Sends notification to internal systems, stakeholders and to customers (if allowed)

Features of Best Production Monitoring Software

Imports jobs from external systems
Allows for ad-hoc job identification
Foundation for automated real-time Adaptive Scheduling
Display work instructions on operator interface via video, screenshots, training manuals and other resources
Ability to create digital job packs, e.g., job specifics, inspection, test plans and certificate of conformity
Real-time Kanban board to provide point in time visibility of jobs travelling through the shop floor
Ability to define job performance statistics and notifications for exception reporting, i.e., jobs that missed the due date or are running late
Send automated notifications to external systems and various stakeholders, i.e. ERP System, Sales Team and Customer

Benefits of Production Monitoring Tool

Allows supervisors and managers to comprehensively see how each job is progressing
Allows the management team to see the overall performance of each work centre and their throughput
Automatically highlights the bottlenecks for improving inefficiencies and increasing utilisation

Leverage real-time visibility of work orders progressing across the shop floor to increase productivity

ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified

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